Watch free online Bengali full movie Ichchhemotir Gappo (ইচ্ছেমতীর গপ্পো) on YouTube. The Bengali Film Ichchhemotir Gappo was released in the year 2015.

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Film : Ichchhemotir Gappo
Director: Atanu Hazra, Adinath Das, Kaushik Sengupta
Starring : Saswata Chatterjee, Tanushree Chakraborty, Aparajita Auddy, Saheb Bhattacharjee, Koneenica Banerjee and others.
Genre : Drama
Producer : Pradip Churiwal, Saikat Mitra
Story : Kaushik Sengupta
Cinematographer : Adinath Das
Edit : Sanjib Datta
Music Director : Kalyan Sen Barat
Playback : Srikanta Acharya, Rupankar Bagchi, Jayati Chakraborty, Disha Roy
Release : 20 February 2015

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Synopsis :
It’s the story that revolves around the central characters ichche and Neel.. how a relationship evolves between the two despite differences in their mindsets, Ichche, a danseuse and a free spirited bird who has a completely different take on the dialectics of love and relationship form Neel yet they are attracted towards each other. In times of emotional crises between Neel and Ichche, a modern day fashion photographer Bijoy gets attracted towards Ichche, yet the unconditional love of Ichche for Neel and their separation drives her into immense depression. This love triangle and Ichcha coping up with her emotions is the “Ichchhemotir Gappo”.

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Movie Duration: 2:12:15